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Oct.1st, 2002               Kevin Foreign Languages School was established in Changchun

Jun 8th, 2005                Kevin International Education was established

May 1st, 2008              Kevin Educational Company was established

July 9th, 2008               Cooperation with Shenzhen University

June 1st, 2009              Kevin Education company was established in Shenyang

July 13th, 2009             Signed a contract with Harvard University on the Study Abroad Program

Jan 8th, 2010                Kevin Education company was established in Qingdao

Aug 1st , 2010             Kevin Education Group was established

Sep 10th , 2010            Signed a contract with Changchun School of Architecture

Jan 9th, 2011                Kevin Education company was established in Harbin

Jan 1st, 2012                Cooperation with the Board of Education on teaching in the rural areas

Mar.1st, 2012               International Education Center was established

Sep.1st, 2012               Training program for the Chinese teachers of English in Changchun

Feb 1st, 2013               Kevin Education company was established in Dalian

July 25th, 2014             Cooperation with Yale University on English Study Program

Aug 6th, 2015              Cooperation with Changchun Education Bureau on Oral English courses in public schools in Changchun